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Inspiring Southern Ambiance

Southern Sky Publishing
Inspiring Southern Ambiance
Pamela Poole

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Exciting New Release September 2023!

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The Old Cedar Chest eBook cover 2023.jpg

The Old Cedar Chest

Strange Sands Suspense 1

Hilton Head

An antique cedar chest. 
A h
idden panel.
A century-spanning vendetta.


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The Hidden Hallway eBook cover 2023.jpg

The Hidden Hallway

Strange Sands Suspense 2


An antebellum house.

A hidden hallway.

A tale of passion and revenge.


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The Freedom Staircase eBook cover 2023.jpg

The Freedom Staircase

Strange Sands Suspense 3


A Lowcountry plantation
A legendary patriot refuge
A last stand for freedom.


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Inspired Artistry - Embracing the Creati

"Inspired Artistry - Embracing the Creative Calling"

is the first devotional released by Southern Sky Publishing


Creativity is a unique, joyful outreach for Christians!

This insightful devotional is unlike any you've read before! Within these pages, readers explore how the imprint of our Creator makes it natural for Christians to embrace their unique gifts. Through Scripture, true stories, prayer, and study questions, readers will explore how every person born has a meaningful gift to share, contributing joy and beauty in the world. Inspired believers live higher than the corrupting influences that distort Christ's intent for our personal Inspired Artistry.

The pages of Inspired Artistry contain delightful illustrations and pages for readers to write their own "Inspired Musings." To journal and color, buy the print edition!

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Novels and Stories

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