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Heartwarming Giveaways - A Devotional and 31 Christian Novels of Faith and Love

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Looking for novels to warm your heart and affirm your Christian faith?

From November 15-30, Christian Romance Authors on Book Funnel have a bundle of stories to relax with! Load up your ereader and snuggle in by the fire or under your favorite fuzzy throw with a cup of hot tea or cocoa.   I've joined 30 other authors to share heartwarming stories with our favorite readers. Be sure to check out my latest release in this bundle, Landmark, Painter Place Saga 4. It can stand alone as the first story chronologically in the series and it enhances the entire Painter Place Saga.  You can browse these 31 books and start reading right now by going to this BookFunnel link at Heartwarming Christian Romance - Tales of Faith and Love.

Author Hallee Bridgeman also has a book in this giveaway, Christmas Star Sapphire. I was honored to be a guest on her blog on November 14 to answer questions readers said they most wanted to know about. You can see my responses on her lovely blog and enter to win a FREE copy of Jaguar, my 5-star rated Christian novel!

If you're looking for a devotional that's more than fluff,

Timeout for Jesus is for you!

I recently read this book by a fellow author from North Carolina and left it 5 stars on Amazon. When I contacted Heather Smith about information I could share to offer a giveaway for this devotional, she was excited to participate! Hurry to get the most entries in - Giveaway begins TODAY and runs until November 24.

To enter the giveaway, CLICK HERE


Check out Heather's facebook page and newsletter! You can click here to order Timeout for Jesus - Thirty Appointments with the Savior as a great gift for the holidays.

Here's my review of this uplifting devotional: "Heather uses insightful life examples we can relate to and shines the light of scripture on them. She encourages believers to spend time where it matters most - with the One who loves them most! An uplifting devotional that reminds us that time spent with Jesus will help us see through His eyes."

Inspired Artistry - Mistakes, Erasers, and Masterpieces

My current work in progress is a devotional for Christian creatives.

Recently, I recorded a video for my YouTube Channel to give readers a sample of one of the topics in my upcoming devotional. In my studio, I discuss how creative people get to erase or correct mistakes we make in our work, but life isn't like that. As Christians who accept Christ's gift of salvation, we know He removes our sin as far as the East is from the West. Unlike characters in the movie Back to the Future, and we can't go back in time to change bad decisions, actions, or people in our past. Those who walk roads less traveled to follow a creative calling will understand the value of failed pieces on the road to becoming better at their craft. But creative Christians can think of lessons learned in the studio in another life application. There are no erasers for our past, but rather than live with regret, we must move forward and live victoriously! Christ will use mistakes as a testimony of His glory, a riveting inspiration to touch the arena of influence He sends your way. If you have a suggestion for a topic you'd like to see covered in a devotion for creative people, please take a moment to let me know in the comments at the end of the blog!

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I write to the same audience I paint for--myself--and all my work is meant to glorify Christ (1 Corinthians 10:31, Colossians  3:17). I share with readers and art collectors, hoping they will feel as if they've taken a walk in a warm Southern breeze and the sunshine we're famous for.

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I write clean fiction from an unapologetically Christian worldview. My stories often feature artists and art perspectives that will help any reader have a deeper appreciation for painting.

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